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Thursday, January 05, 2006

super "kawaii"

i read the article about the recent popular japanese culture in the US. they said that it caused a stir among the public. the woman in the picture is one of the people who are inspired by it. she is inspired by its colorful, decorative, and pop japanese fashion and popularize it so called "harajyuku girls" in the US. many japanese girls can been seen in her music videos. not only she but also some other artists who are popular among american people use the images of japanese pop culture. puffy and other japanese artists attract a lot of americans. especially so many teens like the super "kawaii" stuff of japan and the word becomes somrthing of a fad. its also fresh in our memory that japanese animation created whirlwind in many countries like america, europe, russia, and australia. given those series of popularity of japanese culture, it seems that japan is becoming a trendsetting country of pop culture. we used to import culture from a foreign country so far, but the last few years, our own culture starts to be accepted by not only asian countries but westerns. its a big change, i think. in the old time the world didnt give japan the time of day though, now a lot of people come to japan and are influenced by its culture. is it because of globalization??
well, im glad that change but its kind of odd to me. i like my culture though, i sometimes feel that the recent pop culture in japan is too much.....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

here is a big "eater"...

japan has eaten so many things for long time. you remember that most around you like music, clothes, tables and chairs, foods, and even kanji are imported from foreign countries. buddism and kanji are from china. even japanese politics partly bases on the idea called "jyukyou" which is chinese moral. lately, most popular music and literature are imported into japan and people love to put on western stuff. they always enjoy italian, american, french, mexican, and chinese food. their lifestyles have been changed into western ones through this century. like this, japan has been interested in different culture outside and tried to make them own. however, it is not that they accept those culture as they are. they always try to accept them in their own way. i mean, japanese mix things from outside with their own culture and make them developed. japanese recent pop culture like comics, animation, fashion and foods, started from foreign culture first but now they have japanese style already. for instance, you recognize that its different from real italian food when you eat it in japan. its same that, when you go to sushi restaurant in america, you find that there are strange sushis which are not seen in japan. the souces are not japanese but the way to cook is japanese. when they succeed to develop foreign culture to another one in japanese way, they can get their originality on it. i think japan is good at making own culture from alian souces from another country. japan is not just a big eater but a great chef.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

my goals for new years

wow, 2005 has already ended! so fast to me!! i had many things important to me during the 2005. first, i decided more concrete plan for my dream and started to carry this on. guess what? that was.... to go to spain to study human rights, i have to learn language first though. so, i went to the company which helps people to go abroad and started to make my plan for it together. so, im going to spain in this march!!! so exciting. :) second, i could meet many fabulous people and i could get along with them. they are the people who have interesting and different world from mine. for example, the man who built his own company, the girl who is interested in literature and writing for her book, the guy from spain, the girl from france, people who give me big energy to live my life by their music, people who do their own arts, and so on. i love hanging out and talking with people like that. third, i went to the UN office in N.Y. that was soooo great experience 'cause my dream is to work for the UN. i could learn what and how the UN was and this encouraged me to make my dream come true. well, i cant write all here 'cause there are too much. i think it is better to talk about my goal for this year..... things i have to do in the 2006 are to make the most of every minute to live here now, to make 100% efforts for my dream , and to keep good relationships with my special people. wishing everything goes well...

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas there!
Hope u have a great time with ur family and friends.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

our presentation finished....

Yes, we have done our presentation today. but i'm not sure that we could tell in quite plain about japanese foreign policy and why the problems occured. maybe it was uneasy for them to understand things we told. i wanted to talk about the dificulty of accepting foreigners into Japan ideologically even if Japanese foreign policy has been built enough by the gorvernment and even if they prepare to recieve immigrants systematically. most japanese have a fixed image of foreigners yet and they have no room in their mind to recieve immigrants and understand them. in deed, japanese people are kind to them but they treat them as "foreigners" not "neighbors". ..... anyways, i thought that we should practice more to present in front of the class!! i like talking, telling, and presenting but i could not organize presentation well, lol.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Coming of Age ceremony

my twin sister, Kako and I took a photo of coming of age ceremony today. it was a little tough for me to wear kimono 'cause it was heavy and so tight...but it was really gorgeous and nice!!! we had fun tonight.

Friday, November 11, 2005

won the game!!

i went to tokyo dome to wacth the baseball game, chiba lotte marines vs chinese taiwan. marines is the baseball team of my hometown. so, i'm really glad that they keep winning.(^o^) their fans were sooooo greate!!!! their cheering songs were amazing. It gave me goose bumps.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the last debate

we insisted that mosaic was a better policy than melting pot because people could keep their own culture and it could lessen the risk of uprising caused by forced integration. and more, the mosaic society can have more opportunities to have good relationships with various countries because of its diverseness. although it would be hard for government to care more about their immigrants policies, keeping them as they are has a good influence on their relationship, such as its economy, international exchanges, diplomatic ties, and so on.
meanwhile, I don't believe melting pot is realistic. if you try to unify different cultures to one, you cannot avoid collision of different cultures. you sometime need violence to shape melting pot. in fact, melting pot was done by violence and tyranny historically. that caused the civil revolts. and more, a lot of immigrants, especially their children whose parents immigranted first to the country like France, are confused because their ties with their homelands are weaker than their parents and they are not also completely french. so, they ask themselves that what their identity is. as you can see, melting pot still has many problems.
other group said melting pot can make new culture like "salads roll", but it cannot resolve the elemental problems I said before. they also said a certain level of integration was needed in the increasingly-globalized world. it is important to regulate a lot of different people by institutions when you unify it. however, these thoughts are out of touch with the idea of melting pot. it's more likely to be the idea of mosaic policy, i think. mosaic makes people keep their identity and, at the same time, gives them oppotunities to take part in society by guaranteeing social rights and civil rights and assuring their job.

which side did win the debate??

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Riots in France

Riots are spreading from Paris to other french cities from several weeks. The civil distrust of the response of French authorities to the case that two boys got electrocuted near Paris where many immigrants like French-Arabs and French-Africans lived in provided a spark for french youths to stir up violence against the French government. It's getting bigger and bigger venting their complaints and dissatisfactions with the high jobless rate, deprivation, and the differences in their culture and their education, so the government cannot quell the disturbances. For examples, the jobless rate among French-Arabs and French-Africans is as high as 30% in some neighborhoods, triple the national average. They loose the chance to get a job when they say their names and add. that employers can recognize them immigrants. Although France has absorbed a lot of immigrants since the W.W.Ⅱ, they have discouraged recognizing ethnic, religious or cultural differences in favor of French unity. As you can see that the Muslim veils are banned in school in France, the French, unlike Britain where respect their individual cultural background (it's called multiculturalism), tend to impose their own value on "others". France doesn't want to recognize diversity?? In a multiethnic state like France, unemployment, poverty, deterioration in the security situation, and social discrimination have been big ploblems for a long time. It shows you that it's so hard to assimilate immigrants who have different culture in the different society. If they put down the uprising, I think they need to help immigrants to get a job, guarantee economic and social security to them, and should get to grips with those matters more seriously than before.

P.S. After reading the articles about it, although there were also some ploblems in a mosaic society, I felt strongly that multiculturalism or mosaic is gonna work better than melting pot!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

My LOHAS...(*v_v*)zzZ

I'm really busy these days... Part-time job, studies, homeworks, a lot of things I have to do fill every minute of my days. There is no rest...lol Although I have many things I wanna do, such as watching movies, walking around, sleeping late, hanging out with my friends, clubbing, going to the sea, cleaning my room, etc., I cannot do it. (;_;) What a pity! I wanna wake up in the morning without caring time and "duties".... Anyways, while I live life like this, I have a word, which I heard from the radio, hang over my head. That is LOHAS. LOHAS stands for Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability. It's gaining the attention of the public recently. LOHAS advocated by a sociologist and a phsycologist of America in 1998 means the prople who care about thier healthy lifestyles and think about the global environment and the nature conservation at the same time. There are 5 markets of LOHAS, health, the environment, social justice, personal development, and sustainable living. For instance, a series of health fad, Yoga, fitness, housing improvment, energy saving, organic food due to LOHAS movements and they are major examples of it. LOHAS seek for a way to exercise the human potential maximally with unifying the body and mind. If I live like this, I can feel keen satisfication with my life. LOHAS is, for me, to live life fitting in nature and satisfy my mind to the extent possible at one time. I spend more time cooking and eat foods made in my home, I exercise yoga in the morning, I busk in the sun, I have a bath early morning, I walk around in the beach, I can hear my favorite music from radio,,,,,,, all of them are my dream, my lifestyle like LOHAS.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

20th birthday (u_u)

I become 20 year-old-woman!! (not a girl, lol) Thank a lot of people ,who I ever met and love, for everything.... Every birthday, my family celebrate me and kako. Birthday is, for me, the time to know my grandma's and parents' background. We talk about good old memories of them everytime, and I get to understand my family by knowing things of the past I've never known. I get a glimpse of a part of their lives each that I've never seen. There are another life in his/her mind. Then, I learn many from them. How to live a life, how to work in society, how to make a relationship with family, and so on.
Anyways, my friends also celabrate us. I went to the restaurant which I've made several visits to, with kako yesterday. Then we enjoyed talking with staffs there who are good terms on (but not friends yet?). After they knew today was our birthday, they made a birthday cake for us without notice. We were soooo surprised 'cause little did we expect. Moreover, our friend in spain sent us a birthday card with a lovely letter. Many friends also emailed me "happy birthday"...oh, I was the most lucky girl all over the world!!! :)

"word of a girl becoming 20 years old"
I still want to figure out how I can be the best person I can be. said by Drew Barrymore.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

for tomorrow debate φ(.. ) ....

there are some good points in a mosaic society.
first, people can keep their customs and culture.
second, they can achieve self-rule.
third, it would be unlikely to revolt against the tyranny.
finally, a mosaic state can have better relationships with other states.

how is a mosaic society managed?
there need to be two ideas, public space and private. they have to ensure neutrality in a public space. people get freedom like a right to express their ideas freely by keeping a law, tax payment, and exercising thier voting rights in a public space. then, they can be citizens in that state. individual identities are allowed in their private space. i mean, within a self-government. it does not deny differences among them nor repress them. it lets them keep identities and also constitute a pert of society. in previous time, France ran country absorbing a lot of immigrants by this concept.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Multiculturalism is, to me, that a lot of various groups live together in an area keeping their own traditions and customs. However, there are a mutual rule among them. They have to keep it in that society. They also recognize that they are different from others but same human being as others are. In multicultural societies like Canada, Australia, and the United States, it is difficult to govern well a society where various groups exist because each of them has particular thoughts and beliefs. States need to demonstrate a new idea which almost can accept or adapt theirselves. Government must always care about speeches, politics, languages like black and african-american, and if their behaviors or policies are fair and equal to everyone. It's a very difficult point in governance in a multicultural society. Moreover, it is important not only to respect each groups but also to seek some compromise on their own principles in order to live together with individual identities. There is a very fine balance between the two.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Do u know when it was taken?
What are you feeling from it??
The sky has so many different faces......